Work and other Mundane Tasks

I’ve had many jobs over the years. I’ve worked at a Bed and Breakfast, a sit down restaurant, a clothing store, a rental car agency, I’ve done autopsies at the morgue and now I am a civilian contractor with the military. I work with air traffic control (ATC) and I work nights, 1400-2200. Generally work is slow, I have a few trainees to attempt to impart some wisdom on and then we sit and wait for something to happen. There is the occasional aircraft emergency or some other problem to make things interesting, but for the most part I spend my time reading.

With my upcoming trip to Paris, my current reads are usually in French or about the French. When I have classes I study. I have just finished my courses for my first Master’s Degree and will soon be starting up for a second. Yes, I do love school. I also like to read for pleasure. Mostly stuff about crime, history, and other things that most people find boring. I love to read about sociology and psychology specifically about the criminal mind, the political mind or how to “read” people. It is fascinating to discover what makes people tick. Most of what I read is non-fiction, but I do read a small bit of fiction now and again.

While my work may sound easy going, it has its setbacks. Working with, but not for, the military has its challenges. The rules that apply to civilians are different from the rules that the military or the government guys follow. So are the perks. In my office, the contractors do 99% of the work and often run our office without the military at all. We have a military person overall in charge of our office and sort-of in charge of us.They are in charge of what we do when we are signed onto position, but that is it. They don’t do our time cards, evals, leave, they can’t make us do anything, they can’t hire or fire us. So, if we have a problem at work, we take it up with our contractor who has never even seen our office. It can make things a little complicated and the military folks really don’ t like being told that they aren’t in charge of us, especially when they are responsible for what we do.

Luckily, right now we have a pretty good group of people, especially in our office. Our direct military-non-supervisor-supervisor is especially sensitive to our awkward part of the team but not part of the team position and we work well together. Needless to say, not everyone is so easy to work with and things have been downright awful from time to time. But everyone does their best and we get through it.

No matter what, all jobs can be sometimes irritating. As those things go, this one is pretty good. The irritations are minor and short lived. And, I get to read…. a LOT!!


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