Work Funny

Funniest things I’ve heard at work:

*”Do we have military flights here?” (asked a trainee. BTW, we work on a military base…)

*We have E28 bisexual gear, right? (It’s bidirectional).

*”I put a comma between email addresses, right?” “No, you put a semicolon.” “Ok, so that the two dots thing, right?” “No, that’s a colon. Semicolon has a dot on top, comma on the bottom.”

*”Which military branches have Generals?” “Uh, Army… Marines…” “Who else?” “Well, Navy.” (SMH!! These guys are in the Navy!!)

*”Hey, did A.  just leave there?” “Yes, he did.” “Can I speak to him?” “Noooo, he just left here…”

*”What do these two flight plans have in common?” “Well, one is IFR one is VFR.” “What is the thing they have in common, not what is different.” “Oh, I thought you might be asking to find the differences.” (Now you see what I’m working with)

*”I might go for my Master’s but not my Doctorate. I don’t want to have to write a disorientation.” (Yeah, he’s already confused)

*”When do you hit 60% of your total training hours?” “Well, you get 120 total so that’s half.” “No, what is 60%?” “HALF!”

*”Do you know what TC7’s are?” “Does it have something to do with the arresting gear?” “No, it is steam catapults.” “Oh yeah, it does say TC7 Catapults.” “Winning.”

*”I can’t figure out what the Department of Agriculture would need to be on the base access list.” “Well, you know J. the BASH guy is Department of Ag.” “I thought he was USDA”

*”Do we have mowers on the airfield?” “Yes.” “Where?” “…in the grass…”

*”A male sheep is still called an Elk, right?”

*”Hey, does that copier scan things?”

*”Is London a city or a country?”

*”What is a follow-me truck?” “A truck that you follow, has a big sign on the back that says “FOLLOW ME!”

*While pulling on a door that says “push” the frustrated military girl screams “WHY?!”

*”What I learned today is not to think. I just sit here and reconsider. Because I know if I say it, it is going to be out loud.”

*”I didn’t know Navy Fort Worth was called Fort Campbell.” “I didn’t know the Navy had forts, I thought that was just the Army.” “That’s because it is in Fort Worth, Texas.”

*One of our sailors honestly believes that the two sides of Twix are made in seperate factories and put together during packaging.

*”Is that Texas Zulu time or our Zulu time?” (For those that don’t know, Zulu is universal time)

*”Well, first you said you had 25 minutes left and then you said you had 6 minutes.” “Holy shit, it is almost like I was counting down to zero!”

*”I didn’t even think about going to a ship when I joined the Navy.”

*”The 2nd is on the 3rd this year.”

It’s a good thing these guys are out there, controlling airplanes and keeping the skies safe for us…

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