Uneventful events

After almost a month since my last post, I have decided that I am wayyyyy to busy of a person. As it turns out, being a full time mom, full time student, full time teacher, full time worker and still keeping up with a new puppy, garden, chickens, laundry, dishes (no dishwasher) and other housework…. Well it is a lot more demanding than I had reasoned it would be. Sheesh.

So far homeschooling has been surprisingly easy. My son picks up on the lessons well. He is generally excited to get into the classroom and learn. His favorite subject I would say is currently science. He loves all of the science experiments we get to do. Our current one is 5 cups with different liquids. Each cup gets a marshmallow inside and we are making a hypothesis of which will dissolve the marshmallow first. Overall, it has been a very eventful spate of uneventful events. (ha! Say that 3 times fast).


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