Welcome to the New Year!!

2013, where did you go oh so quickly?

Well, welcome to 2014 everyone. I hope the New Year has started off well for you! For us, we had a great family day visiting ICE at the Gaylord, checking out the National Harbor and just being together on the first day of the year.

This year, I intend to do a better job with my writing. Let’s face it, I slacked. Somewhere around middle of the year I completely stopped writing. School work (for me and my son) took on a life of its own and started running around my life like a herd of zombies headed for Rick’s prison. (yes, I can’t wait until February 9th!!)

So a quick recap of the last six months—we went to Disney. We had a fantastic time although I’d second guess traveling with my folks in the future. Halloween was a success with my son being Rick and getting a nice pumpkin full of candy he still hasn’t eaten. Turkey day was a family affair, with only three of us in attendance. We couldn’t travel this year due to work requirements but enjoyed the time off together. We got a greenhouse which is working well with the cold weather plants. We traveled to the Smokies for Christmas and left a day early due to fatigue (who knew having a 5 year old at the grandparents’ house could be so exhausting?)

So there you have it. My life in seven sentences.

We have our first homeschool portfolio review next month. I’ll keep everyone updated as to how that goes.

Now on to the good stuff: New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Work on getting closer to being debt free. This is a biggie for lots of folks. Between car loans, student loans and Christmas presents, there is room for improvement. And accomplishing this goal will help to lead to the next.

2. Paris 2015!! Our goal is to hit Paris in the fall of 2015. We will have 8 days, not including travel days. I am working on my Delta sky miles so I can get good plane tickets for Air France (they are better with kids than many airlines). I have those 8 days planned already but with lots of wiggle room. I haven’t looked too hard into restaurants yet and I don’t have it planned down to times. Mostly, just three or so things per day and the knowledge that we will absolutely be renting an apartment and taking the Roisy Bus as opposed to the RER from the airport to the apartment.

3. Cutting down on the soda. This one goes without saying.

4. Get the dishwasher set up this year. Yes, I have lived in my house for almost four years without a dishwasher. So what? It’s all good.

5. New doors for the house. We need ‘em. This one isn’t all that exciting, but hey.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Looking ahead not behind.

Looking ahead not behind.