The righteousness of judgement

Judgement. Its such an ominous sounding word. Its official. Heavy. It is the weapon by which so many people keep others in line. I have seen it used for good, but much more often for evil. Evil is a strong word, but ultimately, it is the little evils that make our world a colder place.

Women are the greatest doers of evil. They judge. They gossip. The same women who last week discussed the health benefits of fish oil, made fun of our Australian guest today for last week’s sharing of her child friendly fish oil finds. These are the same women who declare their moral superiority because everything they give their children is chemical free, color free.

Last week, I had a similar experience with a few of my coworkers. All childless, judging a parent for a horrific accident that cost the life of his child. As if the parent did not have enough guilt to last him the rest of his life, now he has the world passing judgement on his entire life based on one day, one moment, one mistake.

Why do we as a nation think that five paragraphs or a three minute news story gives us some kind of right to judge an entire person’s life and character? Who do we really think we are?


One response to “The righteousness of judgement

  1. I believe I know the story you speak of, very sad, but it happens more than people think it does. Two working parents, who knows what sort of stressors distracted him! I’m sure if they had children they may look at it all different.

    As for gossip, people thrive on other peoples tragedy as if they have none of their own. We’re all guilty of it. I’m happy to be away from that toxic environment, it’s helped me in trying to break free from that personality flaw!! Pointless use of brain cells used when gossiping!!

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