Wouldn’t it be nice…

To be a kid

Remember when you were in school, and reading was something you had to do because it was an assignment? Remember when you were 4 and your Mom had to fight with you to make you take a nap? Or a bath? Why is it that so many of the things we railed against as children become things we wish for as grownups? Personally, I would love to get long bath and a nap in now and then. And to read an entire book? It takes me forever.
I can’t concentrate like I once could. Besides the “Mommy I needs” coming right in the middle of the first sentence I read, there is also the problem that my brain has so many random things racing through it that I can hardly get through a paragraph without thinking “did my insurance payment get sent yet? I should check on that.” Or, “when were the books due back at the library? Perhaps I should look it up.”
Better still, “I wonder how much it would cost to take a train to the Grand Canyon.” Yeah, those are the ones that usually end any hope of getting anything done.
That “mom-thing” doesn’t stop because I am at work for eight hours. I still think about all those mom things while I should be worrying about an overdue aircraft or the lat long of the crane NOTAM that I am putting in the system. Somehow, I keep it all straight.
But wouldn’t it be so nice to just be a kid again? To play in the yard, read a book, take a nap and lounge in a bath?