The weekend: torture or pleasure?

Sometimes it is unclear to me whether weekends are meant to be times of family and relaxation or instruments of torture. While it was much warmer here then it has been in months, the dreary fog and constant rain meant that most of our weekend was to be had indoors. The resulting cabin fever almost resulted in the calling of the men in white coats. A nice, relaxing bowl of Zuppa Toscana was able to ease us into a mode of quiet relief, but not until Sunday night. Why didn’t we think of that sooner?

My younger sister is pregnant and ready to burst. She will be bestowing me with the title of Aunt for the first time and really the entire family is anticipating the arrival of the baby girl. On Friday, my sister began having contractions and on Saturday they got to a steady 3 minutes apart. She went to the hospital only to find out she is in pre-labor which can last for up to a week. So, we are now all in a perpetual state of anxiousness knowing that it will be “any minute” but not yet. *sigh*

In our infinite wisdom, my roommate and I decided that this dreary weekend was a good time to attempt to find a new cable/internet/tv provider, only to be driven to further madness when we found that no single provider has everything we need in our area with the exception of the one overpriced service we already have. Almost all have two of three and Verizon was particularly rude when asked about their tv package with direct tv. In the end, we were just as unsure, frustrated and furious as we had been at our original provider and opted to not talk about it anymore for the moment.

Additionally, it is raining again today (but warmish) so I suppose I will rouse my sleeping preschooler (yes, it’s 11am and he’s still asleep, yes this is typical and yes, I am spoiled) and make a run to the local library.