Blue Frosting

When I woke up, I was filled with anticipation. This day would be my son’s very first birthday party. The list of things to do was long. I needed to get the cake, feed my kid, get everything into the truck, meet up with my parents, get the room set up and greet the guests. I was hoping that everything would go off well. I imagined my poor 5 year old, sitting at his birthday table surrounded by his family and disappointed because there were no children in attendance. I couldn’t let his happen. So I worked hard, chasing down any child I knew between the ages of 3 and 6.

In the end, it paid off. My son sat in at the end of his birthday table looking at 7 other children. He shared cake and popcorn and got presents and lots of laughs. His party was held at an indoor facility which houses half a dozen bounce houses.

So the kids came. We sat in a tiny little room barely big enough for our group. The kids played with their goodie bags stuffed with small toys and stickers. They shouted—oh boy, were they loud. They sang. And they jumped until my son came, collapsed on the floor in front of me and declared that he was too exhausted to continue on.

1. Never get 8 children under 5 in a small room all at the same time.
2. Bounce houses are great prerequisites to naps.
3. Kids under 5 are AMAZINGLY loud.
4. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never get those stupid little pieces out of the box before they hand you a different toy to get out.
5. Blue frosting does not “wash right off.”
6. No matter what your 4 year old tells you, he does not acually want a cake without frosting.


Cakes without Frosting

My son will, very soon, be turning 5. What wonderful way should we chose to commemorate this event? I thought a trip to the indoor water park would be nice. We went last year for my son’s 4th and he had a marvelous time. My little social butterfly shot me down.

“No mamma. The Wolf Lodge is fun, but I want a birthday party with my friends.”

Okay. One tiny problem. While yes, my son has friends everywhere he goes, we don’t have that many kids that we know you know? Trying to track down kids he has played with at the park is a little challenging. Of course my brilliant son has a plan.

“Let’s invite the library ladies and the police men to my party. Oh, and the fireman too.”

My sweet and precious boy doesn’t understand that while all of those people are his friends, they aren’t his friends. I guess this is what happens when you spend so much time taking your child to the Library and police and fire stations.

So, we’ve chased down some children, reserved the venue, ordered the extremely hard to find How to Train Your Dragon party supplies (after talking him out of a bloody zombie party.) This is when the real challenge was to begin. What kind of cake?

“Mom, I want a yellow cake with Terra on top with no frosting.”


Are we sure you are four? After working tirelessly to try to talk him into ice cream cake or any other kind of cake, he won. So, there will be two cakes at said party. One with Terra and frosting. And one with no frosting.

I’m already exhausted and the party isn’t for another two weeks!