Week recaps

Snow; that’s the word of the day. I went to sleep last night and woke this morning to find my entire world covered in the light, fluffy (and unfortunately very cold) stuff. While I am an avid critic of the cold, I am happy for my son that some snow finally made its way into our corner of the world. Of course, the fluffy white stuff brought with it all of the normal headaches—the scraping, the wet pants cuffs and the people who randomly lose control of their vehicles and drive into the side of buildings. You know, typical. After an hour of snowball fights, snow angels and a snow pyramid (because my son found a snowman too hard to make), I had to head inside to warm up and ready for work.
Our boss has been in an unusually foul mood the last few days. He complained to our bigger boss about planned leave that we requested—for October, 10 months away… and 6 months after he leaves here. I guess he’s taking this whole being-an-ass thing seriously. But whatever. I know it’s difficult on him to be here, no respect from his men, and no respect from his own leadership. I guess you reap what you sew.
On another note, my son has been steadily making his way through the entire catalogue of the local library. Yesterday, my son found a book he liked and proudly exclaimed (as loudly as he could to the entire library) “IT’S GEORGE WASHINGTON!!” and demanded that we check out two books on him. He would have checked out more but I convinced him to leave some for later. So, for his bedtime story he got the entire rundown of GW’s life. I was proud of my son for recognizing him and taking an interest. My work is successful!!
After 11 excruciating days in labor, my sister finally gave birth to her daughter. 6 pounds, 10 ounces and 21 inches long. After the ice melts, I’ll be happy to drive to the mountains of Tennessee to see my little niece. Children bring so much joy… right up until they talk through every important moment of NCIS.