Not YOUR Momma

I know it is sometimes confusing for the people I work with. I am a Mom. They are barely past the stage of living in their mother’s basement. Sometimes, they aren’t past it at all. Just because I am a Mom doesn’t mean I am your Mom.

That is the part they have trouble with you see.

So when a guy I work with sent me a message on facebook yesterday saying “I might need a ride in to work tomorrow” it infuriated me. We aren’t married. We aren’t friends. We don’t hang out after work. And I’m not your Momma!

Perhaps his mother failed to teach him manners. Your coworkers aren’t your personal limo drivers. Nor are they people whom you can simply summon to your door. If you need a ride into work, you should ask.

I know. Crazy concept.

I suppose this is the consequence of working with a bunch of people who either just graduated college or high school last week. They are very young with zero responsibilities. They live in bachelor pads, with cars in their parents name, insurance they don’t pay themselves with no children or girlfriend to speak of. So, they summon up their equally irresponsible friends when they want them to appear at their service. Unfortunately, this does not work with a 30 year old single mom who has grocery shopping to do, library books to return and a house to clean.

Sorry bucko, but if you need something from me, you’ll have to stand in line. Oh, and try a “please” on for size. Like I tell my five year old, its amazing what those magic words will get ya!


Being a Mom

Being a mom changes you. Its just a fact of life. All of the sudden, you are able to accomplish more one handed than most people can do with two. Suddenly you can open things with your feet and elbows. Your ability to stomach the disgusting increases ten fold. While everyone else in the house is gagging in disgust, you are just carrying on as usual. The ability to continue to do laundry after sustaining an injury that scares your child and makes your significant other sick at their stomach from worry is a trait of moms. Another is the sudden urgency for the short forks and the long forks be placed in their separate but equal places in the drawer. No mixing of table spoons and tea spoons. It is deemed highly exciting when your carpets are returned to their natural color after a shampoo.

The simple joys and strengths of being a mom… 20130202-000826.jpg