Traditional Family Values

I think it is important for kids to have many of those traditional family experiences as possible. In today’s world, where everything is changing and becoming more about Facebook, iPads and T.V. Time, it is important that we are able to preserve some of those traditional values for our children. First and most importantly, fishing trips. I like to take my son fishing. We don’t keep any of the fish we catch and I have no idea what we catch. I can’t tell one kind of fish from another, unless its Nemo. Then I’ve got you covered.

Gone Fishin

Secondly, I like to take my son to sporting events. Baseball, football, hockey. I’m good with it all. My son really likes to yell down to the players “Good Game!” as they walk off the field. It usually makes the smile.

Take me out to the ballgame

Third, I like to take my son to the library and we go often. My son is in a challenge form the library to read five hundred books before he turns five. He’s almost there. Reading is important. It not only helps my son’s imagination but it also spurs his natural curiosity. We read books by Neil Gaiman, about Clifford the Big Red Dog, and the Stupids. We also read books about George Washington, Abe Lincoln and the state of Maryland. My our year old now recognized some of our founding fathers by photo. He knows George was our first president and that his house was at Mt Vernon. That’s pretty good for four I think. And he is discovering that he has his own things that pique his interest. Helping him find his passion so early? Priceless!

Its important to give your kids more than a few Legos, a Tv set and a swing set in the backyard. My son has all of those things, and a garden, chickens, 397 books read, an interest in Washington, a love for the museums of Dc, a knowledge of some aircraft types, and some amazing experiences. He has already been to the statue of Liberty, a Civil War reenactment, sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, been in a flight simulator at the Air and Space museum, seen the insides of a human body, had lunch with Mikey, been to an indoor water park, wore a real NYPD officer’s hat, watched an F35 hover, climbed aboard a search and rescue H60, chatted with most of the Blue Angels, eaten at Cinderella’s palace, seen Def Leppard, Cheap Tirck, Blondie, Citizen Cope, the Wiggles, Joan Jett, ZZ top, Boston, Rush and Heart (3 times) in concert. He’s helped restore an 1830s lighthouse, delivered Meals on Wheels, delivered Christmas gifts to needy children, and helped clean up after a hurricane. Overall, he is a pretty lucky boy.